A civil society in which every citizen is imbued with a sense of civic duty to come to the defence of the fundamentals of liberal constitutional democracy.

Why Section 1

Authoritarian and illiberal societies need compliant followers. Liberal democracy needs engaged citizens. Find out why.

Mission and Fundamentals

An education that imbues in every citizen a sense of civic duty to come to the defense of their democracy. A society in which everyone is educated into a tradition of "Heroic Citizenship".

The Team

We are a small team, but we are mighty in our principles, ideals, convictions and ambitions for a society of Heroic Citizens. Meet the team and the Advisory Board.

Donate today!

Please contribute to the defense of liberal democracy, the fight against democratic backsliding and the education of Heroic Citizens! Please support our work and mission.

Our Work

We want every school to teach a civics curriculum fit for liberal democratic citizens based on our “Fundamentals of Liberal Democracy”, including such programs as our Bootcamp for Heroic Citizenship (currently in development).  We also convene conferences, run workshops, deliver public lectures and press commentary and we undertake research and writing projects, with an eye to safeguarding and promoting a liberal democratic civic culture.  

Coming Soon

Bootcamp for Heroic

An intensive, multi-module “core curriculum for liberal democratic citizenship” for use by teachers, students and anyone interested in arming their civic immune system against the forces of democratic backsliding.

Get Involved 

Invite us to address your school, organization, community.  Send us questions and ideas.  Volunteer, help us manage our social media, promote our mission, raise much needed funding to support our work.

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