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S. 33 of the Charter – The Notwithstanding Clause – Peter’s article in Democracy Paradox

Limiting the Notwithstanding Clause . . . While consensus across philosophical, ideological and partisan lines on the merits and demerits of the NWC is unlikely, there is an increasing acceptance of the idea that the preemptive use of the NWC should not preclude...

The Notwithstanding Clause has to Go!

Section 33 has no place in a liberal democracy. It ought to be repealed Peter's article for the National Post The notwithstanding clause is a dangerous and altogether unnecessary tool...

Democracy, the First Casualty of the War on Truth

The Greek poet, Aeschylus famously observed that in war, truth is the first casualty. Peter L. Biro FRSA argues that, in the wake of the Trump presidency and of the democratic backsliding that has been in process throughout the West, in the war on truth, the first...

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Bootcamp for Heroic

An intensive, multi-module “core curriculum for liberal democratic citizenship” for use by teachers, students and anyone interested in arming their civic immune system against the forces of democratic backsliding.

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