Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time For Heroic Citizenship

Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship
Edited by Peter L. Biro

The essays in this volume probe the sources and malaise now confronting constitutional democracies everywhere. However, they go much further. Many of the essays are, indeed, road-maps for a realistic and cultivated response to our present condition. The clues for a rehabilitated democracy are found here analytically but also prescriptively. When fully ingrained in the public sensibility, the fundamentals of liberal constitutionalism act as a sort of civic serum necessary to inoculate free citizens against the ravages of anti-democratic populism, authoritarianism, nativism, discrimination, corruption, and political self-dealing. The need for civic inoculation of that sort is urgent today, globally!

Praise For The Book

The Notwithstanding Clause and the Canadian Charter: Rights, Reforms, and Controversies

Examining and demystifying one of the most controversial, consequential, and misunderstood provisions in Canada's constitution: the notwithstanding clause in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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