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Volunteers, Interlocutors, Critics and Supporters Welcome and Needed!
We engage and collaborate with individuals, organizations and institutions keen on advancing this cause and will entertain and participate in small group discussions, workshops, lectures and town-halls in classrooms, auditoriums, professional and corporate boardrooms, synagogues, churches and mosques, social media platforms, and in any intentional community in which people will welcome such a conversation.

      • Organize a SECTION 1 discussion, townhall, workshop or roundtable in your community and invite us to participate.
      • Invite Peter to address your event, organization, board, students, congregation or local community.
      • Tell your school/school board about SECTION 1 and demand that the Section 1 Fundamentals be taught to students.
      • Tell your local, provincial and national political representatives that the integrity and vitality of our constitutional democracy is important to you.
      • Send us your suggestions for future blog-posts, recommended reading.
      • Send us your questions.
      • We also welcome volunteers able to assist with our website management, social media and marketing, and fundraising and grant applications.


    • To share, discuss, criticize, volunteer, donate or contribute in any way to our work please contact:

Section 1 needs and welcomes your support.

Please help us to combat democratic backsliding and defend liberal constitutional democracy.

Section 1 needs and welcomes your support. Please help us to combat democratic backsliding and defend liberal democracy.

Section 1 is a Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and a corporation under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act – CBN: 736845017RR0001. We need your support to accomplish our mission of delivering a curriculum for liberal democratic citizenship and combatting democratic backsliding!  Please consider contributing to defraying our costs, we will issue a tax receipt. Your support can take many forms and will certainly include becoming active in promoting our work and mission.

We would love to hear from you with your questions,

comments, suggestions and requests

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