Meet Our Team

Joanne Mcarthur
Founder, We Animals Media; Photographer; Activist; Animal Welfare Advocate

Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning,  internationally acclaimed photographer, author, animal welfare advocate and sought-after speaker. Through her long term body of work, We Animals, she has been documenting our complex relationship with animals in almost sixty countries for the last fifteen years.

McArthur was the subject of the critically acclaimed 2013 documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, and is the author of three books, We Animals (2013), Captive (2017) and Hidden (2020), as well as the co-founder of The Unbound Project, which celebrates women animal advocates worldwide. Her work has been used by hundreds of organizations, media, publishers and academics. She has spoken extensively in North America, Australia and across Europe on the subjects of photography, animals, social change and empathy. Shoots and speaking engagements keep McArthur on the road up to eight months each year. Toronto, Canada, is her home.

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