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Democracy, the First Casualty of the War on Truth

The Greek poet, Aeschylus famously observed that in war, truth is the first casualty. Peter L. Biro FRSA argues that, in the wake of the Trump presidency and of the democratic backsliding that has been in process throughout the West, in the war on truth, the first…


Section 1 on The Agenda with Steve Paikin – TVO

Steve Paikin speaks to the editor and contributors of the new book, “Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship.” They discuss the fragile state of democracies around the world, the existential threats they face, and the “civic serum” needed to cure what ails them.


LEx Conversations

Listen to Peter’s engaging conversation with Stephen Hurley on the state of western democracy, leadership, citizenship and civil society in the aftermath of COVID-19, the global protests for racial justice and the problem of democratic backsliding in liberal…


Liberal Democracy In The Time of Pandemic

Greetings from Section 1 in this deeply uncertain, destabilizing time. The pandemic has, if nothing else, exposed the cracks in our political economy and put into question many of the core principles on which our way of life – particularly in the west – is…



Why “SECTION 1”? Because liberal constitutional democracy is everywhere under siege. Because the values that underpin freedom and democracy are being undermined or repudiated outright in so-called democratic societies throughout the world. Because, as so many…

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